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Mythbusters: Male Infertility

Jun, 29, 2018
Matthew Will, M.D.

Contrary to popular belief, male issues contribute to at least one-third of infertility cases. There are many root causes of male infertility, including hormonal issues, structural problems and even genetics — and sometimes a combination. When trying to start a family is the end...

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Fertility Fact or Fiction

Jul, 28, 2017
Laura Reuter, M.D.

When it comes to common knowledge of fertility and infertility, there are many misconceptions. While the topic of infertility is becoming more prevalent in the media, there is still a lack of accurate knowledge among the general public about what infertility means and what treatment is...

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5 Questions Men Ask About Fertility

Jun, 14, 2017
Matthew Will, M.D.

A common misconception about infertility is that it is typically a female condition. In reality, one-third of infertility cases are caused by the male, one-third by the female and one-third by both partners or unknown factors. During Men’s Health Week, which leads up to Father’s Day, we...

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