Midwest Fertility using technology to predict chance of IVF success before treatment

Dr. Matthew Will talks about IVF Access program with FOX 59

Feb 28, 2018


In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most effective fertility treatments available. But it can also be cost prohibitive, which may keep some patients from pursuing it. It's a big decision, and patients want as much information as possible and a certain level of confidence before they choose IVF. 

That's why we created the IVF Access program, which uses predictive technology to evaluate the chance of IVF success, coupled with our unique refund offering. 

Using the Univfy Pre-IVF Report — which uses a patient's own reproductive data, including age, body mass index, ovarian reserve test results and semen analysis — we are able to accurately predict a patient's personal probability of conceiving with IVF. 

With this predictive technology, we are able to provide special IVF pricing that includes three rounds of IVF at a discounted rate. And if a patient doesn't conceive after round three, we give them a refund based on their calculated chance of success prior to treatment.

See how IVF Access is providing patients with a new level of insight and confidence in how they grow their family on FOX 59.

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