We understand that pursuing infertility treatment is a big decision, and for most patients, finances play a significant role. As part of our commitment to comprehensive, personalized care, we do everything we can to provide flexible financing and help you navigate your options.

IVF Access

Midwest Fertility is proud to offer our IVF Access program to make IVF treatment more affordable for our patients. IVF Access utilizes predictive technology to determine your chance of IVF success, coupled with special IVF bundle pricing and a refund offering. 

IVF Access utilizes the Univfy Pre-IVF Report, which uses your own reproductive data – including age, body mass index, ovarian reserve test results and semen analysis — and a rigorous scientific process developed by Stanford University to accurately predict your personal probability of conceiving with IVF.

With this predictive technology, we are able to provide special IVF bundle pricing and a refund should treatment not be successful. You may undergo up to three rounds of IVF treatment for $23,500 with the ability to use all of your frozen embryos, if needed, for the best chance to have a baby with your own eggs. If your treatment is not successful, we offer a refund up to 80 percent of the bundle cost. Your potential refund is based on your calculated chance of success prior to treatment. The higher your predicted chance of success, the higher your potential refund if your treatment is not successful.

More than 80 percent of our patients qualify for IVF Access. Certain factors, including age older than 40, may make you ineligible for this program. To learn more and if you may be eligible, please call us or speak with your specialist.


If you have an infertility health insurance benefit, we participate with all major insurance carriers, including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna and UnitedHealthcare. We also participate with many mid-size and smaller carriers. Our Business Office will work with you to understand what your plan may cover.

Package Pricing

If you do not have an infertility insurance benefit, we offer package pricing for most of our treatment options. Package pricing locks in a discounted rate and includes any additional covered services that you might need during your particular treatment cycle.

Payment Options

We also work with two, third-party financing programs – LendingClub and Health Credit Services – and allow patients to choose which option is best for them. Both of these programs offer a fast and easy online application process, fixed interest rates with extended term options, and neither requires an upfront payment.

We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover, as well as personal checks and cash.